• Cigarette butts are the most found litter item world wide?

  • They contain up to
    700 chemicals that accumulate in the environment?


  • Cigarette butts are made from non-biodegradable plastic?

  • Wind & rain carry them far from where you dropped them?




Help keep our cities and beaches TOXIN FREE

Hello, thank you for stopping by to help spreading the word and take action!


 The news has reached us all: we´ve got a plastic problem! But did you know:

Cigarette butts are plastic too?

We often seem to forget about them when discussing about plastic waste - this needs to be changed! My message is simple: Butts belong in ashtrays or bins... and if there is none around: Pock it! but never drop it... 

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1: Most found litter item world-wide.

2: Wind and rain carry them everywhere and they end up in the ocean.

3: They are made of non-biodegradable plastic.

4: They contain up to 700 toxic chemical.


I am very fortunate to live right on the beach, where I feel strongly connected to nature but also am directly impacted by pollution and every day it makes me sad to see how careless we are with our precious environment! My mission is to sensitize as many people around me as I can, to clean up around my house and raise awareness by talking to local bars and restaurants around which the pollution is especially high! In this blog I want to inform you about my latest progress and inspire you to do the same! Wherever you are in the world you can have a positive impact too! Visit the

                    section on my website to see what you can do to help!

 One single person might feel they make no difference at all.. but this is wrong thinking.. try to imagine if every person picked up just 3 butts a day (awesome campaign "take 3 for the sea" by the way) what a huge impact this would have! Don´t feel overwhelmed and join me on this journey! 


The message is clear

Put it in your pocket rather than drop it!

What is the problem?

Cigarette butts are the most found litter item world wide. One cigarette butt can pollute hundreds of liters of water and harm animals, the ecosystem and us humans. They are mostly made of non-biodegradable plastic and animals die from mistaking them for food. Eventually, toxic chemicals may land on our plates when consuming fish or seafood.

Wind and rain will transport a dropped butt around and leaking toxins will end up in the water cycle.. and just see on my                           section what consequences this will have! 


Install an ashtray & create a SPOT OF HOPE 

Take direct action! Install an ashtray where you live and be the one responsible to take care of the cleaning! Like this you give others the chance NOT TO DROP IT! It´s an easy way to get involved and have a great impact! See my "take action" site for more info and contact me for a flyer that suits your purpose that you can display on the ashtray!